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個展「世界が滲んでしまっても」Solo Exhibition  If the world has blurred"
2015年9月大阪ondo tosaboriにて、10月に神楽坂かもめブックス内ondo kagurazakaにて作家として初めての個展を開催致しました。
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Hatsuki Miyahara's Solo Exhibition " If the world has blurred "
Concept: For a long time I had tended to follow others( my parents and classmates... ) and continued neglect in my real feelings. I had been worried that they might hate me, so I always had pretended I smiled even in hard times. I couldn't say " no " even I was not willing to. My emotions had been paralyzed. Neglecting my feeligs have made me so painful. Little by little I couldn't adapt myself to japanese society ( places of work and school ). That isn't uncommon in Japan.

I had the luck to find out how things really are and I tried to know myself deeply, thanks to my family ,friends and drawing.
In this exhibiton I will express myself in drawings. I got inspirations from " honne " which means "real intention". I would never had said those real feelings in public but I tried to express in a picture in this exhibition.I want people to synchronize their emotions with my honne and if some people aren't good at facing themselves, I would like for them to enjoying facing thier "honne".

Title's " If the world has blurred " means that no matter how hard and painful, you can survive and live happily. "blurred" is intended to "blurred by tears".

個展のDM Pamphlet

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Art direction and design / G_graphics

展示風景 Installation view

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作品詳細 Details
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傍観 「傍観」
" Bystander "
I had just stood on the sidelines. How many times had I turned a blind eye?
  green 「green」soldout
察する 察して
" green "  
Get the hint.
This is very japanese idea.

グラスと影 「グラスと影」soldout
" Glass and its shadow "
I bought a very cheap and nice T-shirt. A worker, who made it, earns an hourly wage of 10 yen / $ 0.083. I have a lot of things that I should know.
  私はちっぽけだが、 それがなんなのだろう 「私はちっぽけだが、 それがなんなのだろう」soldout
"We are not important at all. So what?"

支配されることの無自覚 「支配されることの無自覚」
" heels "
I'm not aware of being subject to someone.
  アザミの下には刺がある 「アザミの下には刺がある」soldout
" Thistle " Thistle is a very beautiful flower. But it has many thorns in its invisible body. If you try to touch a thistle, you would hurt yourself.

鳥セーター 「鳥セーター」soldout
" bird sweater "
Birds, my favorite "Puffin", are flying away from my sweater.Once I had thrown away my emotions... Bitter memories
  landing 「landing」
" landing "
I want to be on this side, not that side. I had sticked to belongingness to some friend-group at schools. I was afraid of being left out of the group.

みんなで逃げよう 「みんなで逃げよう」soldout
" Let's run away! "
Escaping from difficulty in life is sometimes a correct choice.
  育ってしまったもの A thing, had grown up in me 「育ってしまったもの」soldout
" A thing, had grown up in me "

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